Target customers who are looking to buy NOW.


How our system grows businesses quickly and profitably

How would it change your business if you could get in front of just the customers who are ready to buy NOW?

See, most businesses can only “blanket” target their entire market hoping they’ll get in front of the small percentage of buyers who actually need their services now.

We’re changing all of that, helping businesses profitably grow at a rate never seen before.

We’ve built a proprietary system that can identify the prospects in your market who have behaviorally qualified themselves showing that they are in need of your services NOW.

We put you in front of these exact prospects and they submit their information, raising their hand for more info.

These leads are then pushed to you, to have a phone call with.

Provided you have a competitive offering in your market, you’re gonna take these prospects and get them to go with you. They are ready to pay someone, it might as well be you, right?

Imagine the competitive advantage this system would give you over other competitors... as your team starts to win more customers at an extremely profitable rate, grow faster, and further establish yourself as a truly dominant player in your market.

Guaranteed results

We’ve been working with clients across the US, in many different verticals, including real estate, mortgage, dental, HVAC, and more.

Our results have been so staggering that we confidently guarantee an exact number of leads we’ll deliver to you each month.


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Ryan Carroll


“I worked with Ryan who showed some great results. It was money well spent! Cool dude-- nice ROI.”

Nic Zangre  |  Marketing Director, Calibermind


 Happy clients.

“Sales Flow Marketing was able to take our need for leads and turn it into a pipeline of opportunities.. the system makes it easy for us to qualify leads.”
- Christine E., Senior Loan Officer at New American Funding

Ryan’s team is very responsive and creative when it came to driving leads and his system is very good at producing results!”
- Kyle Northup, Real Estate Manager at Synergy Sotheby's International Realty, Las Vegas

Our marketing agency was acquired by a huge company, and they weren’t doing a good job anymore. We switched to 4 DIFFERENT companies and no one could do it right!! And then we found Sales Flow Marketing.”
- Ruffo Miranda, Owner at

“I worked with Ryan who showed some great results. It was money well spent! Cool dude— Nice ROI.”
- Nic Zangre, Marketing Director at CaliberMind

“Social media is such an integral part of doing real estate in today’s market. Ryan provides the know how for effective lead targeting that gets results.”
- Heron Suarez, Real Estate Agent in Southern California